Finishing Touch

We wove in France according to your request. We don't have stock.
Your delivery is followed from the weaving to the sending in our factory in France.


The Charm Finishing Touch is made with a plain cotton canvas that matches with our cushions.

Elegance Finishing Touch

Our cushions get a piping and a Jacquard twill back in cotton. This new Finishing touch brings a French Elegance well-known for a good quality. (There is no piping for the 25x25cm , 25x60 cm and 25x90 cm cushions.)

 VersoChic Finishing Touch 

The VersoChic Finishing Touch is entirely drawn and woven in one piece. It is double sided "So Chic!”. This new Finishing Touch is exclusively offered in some colors. Not available for the Elegance and the Classic Finishing Touch.
Front side
Back side


Each of our tapestries is woven, cut and checked.
The tapestries are lined with a cotton fabric.
The weaver checks the good working of the loom when your tapestry is created.
The seamstress cuts and controls the quality of the product before making it.
In addition to the lining, we sew a loop at the top of the back to make the hanging of your tapestry easier. You just have to add a bar.


All the cosmetic bags come with their "Fleur de Lys" metal jewelry. (Careful! Some cosmetic bags have a tassel on the picture but it is not available expect for the bag that mentioned it in the description.) The cosmetic bags have a runner zip and a washable grey lining. (Some cosmetic bags can have a cotton fabric lining that is mentioned in the description)

Cosmetic bag 6" x 8" - inside

Washable lining

Metal jewelry


Purses are available in two sizes : 11x17 cm / 4"x6" and 7x12 cm / 2,5"x5". The purse 11x17cm / 4"x6" come with "Fleur de Lys" metal jewekry


Metal jewelry


The Jacquard table runner is hemmed all around.


This jacquard table runner is finished like in the Middle Age. It is lined and the tip of it is cut as a triangle that comes with a pretty tassel.


Like in the Middle Age, the bell pull has a metal hook and a tassel.

Back side

Metal hook