100% made in France

In the Tissage Art de Lys workshops, expertise is passed on from generation to generation. Designers, weavers and couturiers make up a close-knit chain and together demonstrate their arts and crafts, where patience, discipline and excellence are the key words.

Stage 1 Design

The upmarket jacquard patterns are created in the company’s workshops by two designers. These designers are focused on providing colourful and accurate patterns, which are either contemporary or inspired by antique tapestries. The designers create the new collections and also meet tailor-made requests from certain clients.

These patterns are then handed over to three weavers who work at making up the fabrics, which necessitates several stages.

Stage 2 Weaving

Warping is the prior and preparatory operation to weaving. Once the warping has been carried out and the loom programmed, the weaver can start work. The weavers then follow through the whole manufacturing process. In this way, they are able to monitor in detail the entire weaving process and the maintenance of the looms so as to offer a fabric of impeccable quality. This is real craftsmanship, which requires discipline and precision that is rarely performed these days.

Stage 3 Cutting

Finally, the fabric is cut according to the articles required. Once cut out, the piece of material is left for a day so that the material can settle. It is then manually checked again before the couturiers make up the articles.

Stage 4 Ranges

Tissage Art de Lys offers its products in 3 ranges so as to meet all its customers’ requirements: charm, elegance and VerSoChic. Moreover, Tissage Art de Lys weaves to order, thereby providing each article with the greatest care and attention.

A wide range of products

Collections are renewed each season, thus adding considerably to a catalogue containing over 9,000 references. As well as our traditional famous designs our offering also includes fashion led designs developed in each type of product: tapestries, cushions, purses, runners, handbags…

Custom made creation

Patricia creates our own collections and also workes closely with distributors looking to develop their product ranges. We can work on special designs or colours of your choice.

Tissage Art de Lys makes its expertise available to collections endorsed by the “Réunion des Musées Nationaux” (RMN). Tissage Art de Lys has therefore produced cushions and cosmetic bags inspired by tapestries which form part of the heritage of national museums, for example the “Dame à la Licorne” (the Lady and the Unicorn) tapestry, dating back to the XV century, on show at the Musée Médiéval de Cluny.

Renowned textile knowledge

The expertise to be found at Tissage Art de Lys is based on the traditional and complex jacquard weaving technique, which consists in interweaving two types of thread: warp and weft threads. This extremely precise technique enables the interweaving of nearly 105 threads per square centimetre and thus achieving an incomparable level of finesse and a multitude of colours, which are traditionally the hallmarks of the Tissage Art de Lys products.


Our size and a motivated team give us the opportunity to react quickly to market changes. We are also very flexible as far as quantities are concerned, being able to manufacture large quantities as well as limited series. Thus limiting your own risk on new collections.