[Who are we?

The Art de Lys Company is based in the north of France , in the Flemish region, where the art of tapestry weaving has been carried out since the Middle Ages.

 Our weaving Jacquard machines, extremely complex, make it possible to the sons to cross until more than 40 times per centimeter! The knowledge to make is transmitted from generation to generation since 1885.

Thanks to these really authentic competences, we obtained the label of state EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) Living Heritage Company. This distinction recognise Tissage d’Art de Lys, and the quality of his staff and his traditional knowledge.

Our workshops propose to you more than 9000 drawings for the tapestries, cases, cushions, table runners, table cover and other creations. Creation with the clothes industry via weaving, our company integrates the whole of the line production.The gesture, the detail, the reactivity, the creativity, the knowledge to make are the result of almost 130 years of experience transmitted to young people with pleasure and passion.

 The passion and the competence of all the collaborators since 1885 allowed the Tissage d' Art de Lys an undeniable international business success. We export around 70% of our production near prestigious customers. Our customers are at the same time of large French and international museums, or very beautiful shops of decoration.

 We also work on behalf of famous brands.

Made in France

The Art de Lys company creates, weaves and finishes all the products offered on the website.

Whenever possible, we try to give advantage to suppliers that are close to us geographically.

The aim of this process is to keep a good relationship with our suppliers by reducing the CO2 emissions.

Our suppliers, dyers, have the OEKO-TEX* label.

* The OEKO-TEX label is the first label that provides human and ecologic quality to textile without using toxic product for the body and the environment.

What is the payment method?"

You can pay by

  • credit card secured
  • our company’s bank (CIC) ,
  • via PAYPAL,
  • or by cheque (The delivery date will not be taking into consideration as long as your cheque has not been approved by our bank)

How long does it take to receive the delivery

The delivery date takes 10 to 15 days.

We wove and made the product according to your order. This process proposes you a large choice and a good quality.

A worker is in charge of your order. she made the whole product and takes responsibility for the quality of her work.

Another question?

You have an other question? you can send an e-mail, we are at your disposal. 
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