The ancient art of tapestry weaving goes back to antiquity, with origins in Egypt around 1450BC. Archaeologists found pieces of tapestry in Tutankhamen's grave. The political and economical history of the medieval period is when tapestry popularity really gained in strength. Throughout Europe , the nobility of the time commissioned artists and weavers to create the famous masterpieces of today.

The typical French style of tapestries became very famous thanks to the “Unicorn series” woven between 1480 and 1500. This group of 6 medieval tapestries includes the famous “to my only desire” and 5 other pieces representing the 5 human senses.

The Renaissance period gave birth to the Flemish workshops and the well known workshops in France , like the “Royal manufacture of Gobelins” in Paris, the “Aubusson” or “Felletin” manufacture and the “ Beauvais ” manufacture.

Each of them developed different skills and techniques that gave their tapestries recognizable qualities; like this typical 18th century tapestry from the Aubusson workshops. Many pieces were being commissioned by the royal courts during this period of high activity in tapestry production.

Mechanical techniques were developed during the XIXth century in order to increase production and reduce costs. In terms of quality, the jacquard loom was the most effective. The jacquard technique is still in use, reproducing the ancient scenes of historical tapestries and more modern designs. These can be found today in museum shops or home interior outlets.

Using new colours and yarns, Art de Lys calls on the experience of its skilled weavers to create a contemporary look in tapestry quality. Our creation department is the necessary link between the craftsmanship expertise of the past and the trendy needs of the home decoration market.

Although are records cannot re-count our entire company history; recent important developments include:

-In the 1990's a CAD (computer assisted design) was implemented in our studio.
-In the 1995's we invested in electronic jacquard looms. 
-In the 2000's we launched the high quality Prestige program (wool and cotton tapestries). 
-We recently widened our collections adding bags and trays to existing lines