Cushion Covers and Tapestries from Flanders:
The Art of Jacquard Weaving by Art de lys

Exceptional craftsmanship :
the magic of Jacquard weaving for your interior decoration

Tissage Art de Lys has been creating, weave and making collections to dress your interiors for over 130 years.

Our workshops, located in Lys-Lez-Lannoy (France), bring together the entire production chain, from the creation of patterns to the finished product, including weaving.

Guaranteeing exceptional expertise inherited from the Middle Ages, our work is unanimously recognized in France and internationally.

100% local manufacturing, for Made in France quality From the creation of the patterns to the finished product including weaving, the Tissage Art de Lys workshops bring together the entire production chain, thus guaranteeing 100% French manufacturing.

Art de Lys, creator of cushion covers, Flanders tapestries and small interior decoration objects: the excellence of Jacquard weaving since 1890