Cosmetic bags

Here is a variety of cosmetic bags that suit to our cushions collection. These cosmetic bags will be perfect to tidy your make up, jewelry or even some little secrets...

They are woven in the same spirit as the cushions. The cosmetic bags are made in our factory in France and come with their "Fleur de Lys" metal jewelry.

cosmetics bag


  • New collection
  • Animals

    You can trust on these faithful animals to keep safe your little secrets... All cosmetic bags exist in three sizes.

  • Art & Design
  • Travel

    Travellers will be charm by this collection representing some of the world's treasure.

  • Fantasy

    Fall for this range of fun cushions! Colorful owls, skulls, Alice in wonderland and even more…. Make your choice!

  • Flowers

    These flowered cosmetic bags will seduce you by their beautiful blossoming. Cosmetic bags are available in three sizes.

  • History

    Each of these cosmetic bags will tell you a story from old times. All cosmetic bags are available in three sizes.

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