Tapestry Bayeux


This jacquard wall tapestry is an extract of the queen Mathilde's tapestry. The original some 230 feet long, is in the Bayeux museum in Normandy. It describes the facts that England was conquered by Normands and it is woven in cotton, it is lined with a plain beige cotton fabric and has an integral sleevefor hanging. It comes with the "TISSAGE D'ART DE LYS" certificate. 



Reference 75071075X070B
Univers ARTIST
Product type Woven wall tapestry - Jacquard weaving
Dimensions 29" x 28"
Finishing Lined
Hanging Possibility of passing a wooden slat through the provided sheath - Wall hanging by stapling into the lining
Care Dry clean only
Composition 72% Coton - 25% Viscose - 3% Polyester

All our tapestries are designed, woven and finished in our 

factory, in France.

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